Hay Creek Outfitters was founded by 3 dog trainers who wanted to bring the ultimate upland experience to other hunters. Tired of kicking up birds on preserves, the goal of Hay Creek is to hunt real wild birds in wild places. Additionally, Hay Creek Outfitters prides themselves on the best dog work in the country. When you combine the dogs, birds, and locations... There's no better hunt.






Mike Miller
Six Gun Kennel

Mike Miller has been hunting wild birds for over 20 years. His goal is to create the ultimate hunting dog and has completed both an apprenticeship at Hay Creek Kennels and the three levels of the HuntSmith Seminars. Mike also owns SixGun Kennel in Wisconsin.


Sonny Piekarz
Hay Creek Kennel

Sonny Piekarz has been training dogs for over 18 years. Considered one of the best "Dogmen" in North America, clients send dogs to Sonny from all over the country and internationally. Sonny prides himself on having the best bird dogs in the country.


Custis Coleman
Hay Creek Kennel

Custis Coleman got into the dog world chasing grouse up and down the West Virginia mountains. He's guided at Mariposa Ranch in Texas and has apprenticed at Hay Creek Kennels in Wisconsin.